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Do I need a Visa when travelling to Turkey for surgery?

British citizens need a visa to travel to Turkey. You can apply for a visaonline at before you go. It costs US$20, payable byVISA/Mastercard debit or credit card only. Your passport must also be valid for 60 days beyond the expiry date of your Turkish visa.

Who is responsible for booking my flights?

You are responsible for booking your own flights, the reason for this is that prices can flatuate through out the year. Before booking your flights please speak to our consultant to ensure that the doctor is available for both your consultation and your surgery date and so that we can arrange your transfers.

Does a lower price mean poorer quality?

Not at all! Our surgeons have many years experience of carrying out 1000's of cosmetic surgery procedures per year. They are accredited and professional. Our facilities are 5 star and we provide the best level of after-care. We see many clients each year coming to us from the UK who are looking to have surgery corrected that has not been carried out to a suffcient standard. The prices are simply lower due to the cost of living being much cheaper in Turkey. If you would like more specific details about the doctor carrying out your surgery please feel free to contact us.

Do I need travel insurance

We would always recommend that you have sufficient travel insurance to cover you for loss or injury through out the whole of your stay however this does not necesarily cover you for your surgery. As of yet we are not aware of any UK insurance providers that cover cosmetic surgery abroad.

What do I need to do to secure my booking?

In order to secure your booking you need to pay a 10% deposit the payment will be processed by the company carrying out your surgery, who are responsible for holding your deposit payment. At this stage we will agree a date with the doctor for both your surgery and consultation and we will liaise with you regarding your flight times. Your final payment is made on your first visit to the hospital. Payments by card are preferred.

How do I know my money is safe if I sign up for a payment plan?

When you sign up for a payment plan your payments are paid directly into our secure savings account which is seperate from our primary business account. On the 11th month of your payment plan we issue a desposit payment to our partner agency Medlife to secure your booking who will hold the deposit until your surgery date at this stage we make the final payment on your behalf. We do not take our fees out until after this date and the hospital have been paid for your procedure to ensure that your money is safe.

What happens if I miss a payment on my payment plan?

If you contact us to pre-warn us about a missed payment we can work with you to try and extend the terms of the payment plan to factor in for the missed payment. However we only allow two amendments through out the 12 month plan. If you do not notify us of a missed payment and have not made contact within 7 days after the payment has been missed we will assume that you no longer wish to continue with your payment plan and in this case the 'Refund'Terms and conditions will apply. Please see the Payment Plan page for more details.

Can I bring a friend/relative with me?

We understand that travelling abroad can be daunting anyway without the added worry of having surgery therefore we welcome you to bring a friend or family member along with you. There is an additional charge of £200, you/they will also be responsible for booking flights, insurance and Visa's for their travel.

What happens once I have paid my deposit?

Once you have your deposit we will confirm your surgery date. You will need to liaise with us regarding flight times and ideally give us at least two weeks’ notice so that we can ensure a driver is available to meet you at the airport.

The hotel is about 20 minutes away from the airport, usually our guests will stay at the Park in by Radisson in Izmir but this is subject to availability. The booking is for a standard double room which includes breakfast.

You can expect an evening meal in the hotel to cost around £5.

We will agree with you the time of your consultation and arrange for a driver to collect you from your hotel reception. The doctor will discuss your procedure with you and answer any questions that you may have. If you have any health conditions please let us know before you travel so that we can take this into account as it may affect the level of aftercare you require/number of nights in the hospital.

The surgery takes place usually the day after your consultation. You will meet the anaesthetist in the morning, do your pre op tests ready for surgery around 10am. After surgery you are kept in the hospital for one night if required depending on what procedure you are having done and released the next day after you have met with the doctor for a post-surgery check-up.

The driver will take you back to your hotel for the duration of your stay. You will have one or two checks ups with your doctor back at the hospital prior to our driver taking you to the airport for your return flight.

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